Friday, September 2, 2011

Power Failure

Hold the line, and stay with me, a line that i was very accustomed to even before i watched the movie Gladiator. Wherever i went, whatever i tried to do, there was always this sentence, there are people who walked before us and we were asked to follow just the same, yes at times we cried and at times we fought, the loss was always on our sides. 

When we tried to explore something new we were called either irresponsible or else disobedient. The frustration kept on taking a toll, until the teenage and then you fought against every authority which made rules, which stood with laws, you were determined to make an impact of yours, you were admired, loved and cared looked upon as something that created a difference.

I know many of my age has the same feelings, same reluctance, and were banished and abandoned by those whom we call our's as irresponsible or disobedient, some where brutally harassed by the older folk, some were beaten and bruised either by the parents or by the teaching community which consists of the self proclaimed universal law bearers.

By the age of 15 or 16 a boy takes his first step to have an identity of his, and alas many of us doesn't know what we are good at and what we should look forward and aim, so we finds the easiest things to do and many a times takes up any thing and everything to challenge the older folks.

Now after all this when we are about to take a step towards being considered as a man, we realize that many things done in the past were useless and more clearly unnecessary. The sudden realization that the line doesn't hold good for yourself is as shocking as the fact that people who used to call you irresponsible has already abandoned their betterment through your well being and hence forth their is nothing for you to hold on.

Yes the 'Power Failure' as i have described is going on in my life, am rebooting my system and am marking it so that some day some one may have peace of mind reading this. 

The words that i have marked to be back on the screen right after the welcome message is also edited from a book that has got a lot to do with following one's heart, a few lines that i will not forget because i would like the sentence ' Hold the line, and stay with me' to be replaced with 'When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream.', thanks to Paulo Coelho for writing these special lines and for my brother for giving me a copy of this stuff.

So here am hitting 'Crtl/Alt/Del', rebooting my system, many of my friends will write 'WTF' or 'GTH'.., so i will see u guys when i switches on.