Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Follow your heart, but be quiet for a while first. Ask questions, then feel the answer. Learn to trust your heart

Can u draw sounds? ' the best definition that i have ever come across for language. A man's deeds are not worth until they are passed on over the years as words, but how many of us have ever done a deed which is worth to be written in words.

All my life i tried to walk away from the daily chores, a bit nontraditional methodology of life, half way down the life i was left in vain by many of my own deeds and a lot more by the hands which lifted me and offered me help.

While Re-booting i realized the hardest fact of all times, if you want to be successful take ownership of your life, the final output of life is always dependent on your actions and attitude, whatever has come in between is simply because you tried to walk in some one else's shoes.

As a joke i used to tell my friends, am gonna be rich, if you want to be the same be with me. For a normal life it's your bank statement that matters or may be that is the only thing that matters. Until we are successful, rich; yes we are just someone among the crowd so am grounded to the reality that my net success is a big zero, OOPS! may be negative because of the minimum balance criteria involved with banking.

Let's cut the crap, people says follow you heart, they never says how; here i am trying to find out the way to follow my heart. The world as i know has come to an end, but the passion and hunger that am having is still there deep in my heart.

I have kept a check point for myself coming up in January 2012, yes following your heart means knowing what  to achieve with the only life that you are having, what is lost is irrecoverable and what we have left with is unknown, so lets take a call as long as i live i will do any thing that will help me follow my heart, so stay the course. Am i distracted,will my sound be drawn ? Though i may not be able to realize the same on every day, the reality will be exposed when the check point is reached.

In every story related to successful humans i realized one thing, they all had check points which was monitored, controlled and achieved with enthusiasm, fun and courage.

So if you want to Re-boot your life make sure of two rules,

  • Take Complete Ownership of your life 
  • Follow you heart, analyze with check points

Am more than ever determined to be successful, which includes following the hardest law of nature, till that time let me learn to trust my heart.

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